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Country Club Park Neighborhood

Country Club Park Neighborhood has Charm, Character and is Centrally Located in Los Angeles

1212 Westchester Place is located in the centrally-located Country Club Park neighborhood which has an active homeowners’ association.  The area was described in a Los Angeles Conservancy brochure for the neighborhood tour in 1987.  The following are excerpts:

“From 1899 through 1905, this 250-acre site was the home of the Los Angeles Country Club, now located on Wilshire Boulevard west of Beverly Hills.  Purchased in 1905 by Country Club Park, a real estate corporation headed by Isaac Milbank, the land was subdivided between 1906 and 1912…

“Prior to World War 1, Pico boulevard, the southern boundary of Country Club Park, was already an established commercial strip…Country Club Park offered spacious lots and a serene atmosphere, with magnificent views of the hills five miles north.

“The hilltop land known as Westchester Gardens, bordered by Westchester, Arlington and Country Club Drive, was subdivided in 1912…On this land stood four of the grandest mansions in the city of Los Angeles: the Isaac Milbank (1913-1914…); the Marsh (1913, demolished-was at the northwest corner of Westchester and 12th); the Reeves (1913) and the Rosenheim (1915…)

“These grand estates overlooked the burgeoning community of Country  Club park and afforded Isaac Milbank a clear view of his real estate development.

“The spaciousness and serenity of Country Club park is even more astonishing today, considering the intense development visible all around it.  The neighborhood encompasses over 30 continuous residential blocks, bordered by Olympic, Pico, Western and Crenshaw.  Besides the grand mansions, most of the homes in the area were built in the teens and twenties.  Rows of intact and well-maintained Mediterranean “villas,” Tudor castles, Craftsman bungalows and late Victorian Queen Annes harmoniously line the streets, nurtured by the residents’ pride in and care for their neighborhood.

“A stroll through Country Club Park will reveal many noteworthy houses…Further exploration will result in a deeper understanding and rich appreciation for…one of Los Angeles’ older suburbs which remains an area of charm and architectural value.”

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